About us

Our mission:

Solution of energy and environmental tasks using the most effective methodologies 

Our vision:

Leading company in designing energy systems and performing electrical calculations of any complexity. 



License №0002771 for desiging electrical systems. Category 2 license. 

 CEER team focus areas:

Renewables                                                              Remedial Action Schemes                         Solar irradiation measurement 

Power system analysis                                               Battery energy storage                             WindPRO Park report 

Quasi-dynamic modeling                                            Wind measurement campaign                    PVSOL reports

HVDC design                                                             SCADA  

Protection                                                                 Microgrid


PV*SOL premium is a dynamic simulation program with 3D visualization and detailed shading analysis for the calculation of photovoltaic systems in combination with appliances, battery systems and electric vehicles.

Source: https://valentin-software.com/en/products/pvsol-premium/

AutoCAD® is computer-aided design (CAD) software that architects, engineers, and construction professionals rely on to create precise 2D and 3D drawings.


Source: https://www.autodesk.com/products/autocad/overview?plc=ACDIST&term=1-YEAR&support=ADVANCED&quantity=1

WindPRO covers everything from wind data analysis, calculation of energy yields, quantification of uncertainties, assessment of site suitability, to calculation and visualization of environmental impact. windPRO can also be used for detailed post-construction analysis of production data. All available in separate modules as needed.


Source: https://www.emd.dk/windpro/

CEER has active license on the following softwares:

 PVsyst is a powerful software for photovoltaic systems with following features: system design, system sizing, shading scene, simulation&results, grid storage, meteonorm and others. 

Official partners in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan