PowerFactory DIgSILENT Model Content

Modeling in PowerFactory DIgSILENT


Renewable Energy Sources modeling


The model of equipment is used from the manufacturer of wind turbines, inverters or generators from such suppliers as Vestas, Goldwind, Sungrow, Huawei, SMA and GE. 

The model allows to perform the following calculations: 

- load flow 

- dynamic stability 


Check if model complies to grid code: 

- reactive power control range 

- long term operation of wind farm with voltage dip at point of interconnection (LVRT) 

- protection operation during abnormal operation


Quasi-dynamic modeling


- possibility to use short time (1 hour) to long time (8760 hours) load flow calculations with variable load and generation 

- great tool to model RES integration 


Contingency analysis

- perform transmission line switch off due to fault or repairs