Project cases

Identification of grid connection point for 200-400 MW data center

Kazakhstan power system analysis for possibility to interconnect high capacity load

on 220-550 kV voltage level substation

Technical due diligence for 50 MW wind power plant in Almaty region

- PPA, technical conditions, land lease agreement due diligence

- Compliance on passing state expertise 

Creation of wind farm and solar farm models in PowerFactory DIgSILENT software

Wind farm and solar farm modeling in pfd format. Model is used for load flow calculations and dynamic stability calculations. Created model is provided to grid operator according to technical conditions of the project.

Consulting on RES project development 

- List of permits to be received

- Timeline for project development stages and receiving permits for 30 МW solar power plant

Participation in "Integration of Renewable Energy Sources into Kazakhstan power system" project performed by DIgSILENT GmbH

Analysis of Atyrau region energy center

Dynamic stability calculations during 20.9 MW Asynchronous motor starting 

Feasibility study and grid connection scheme for 50 MW wind power plant located in Pavlodar region

- Grid connection scheme
- Detailed Feasibility study

- Wind measurement campaign 

Technical-economical analysis for small scale PV plants 50-200 kW capacity

- Enegy production estimation based on PVsyst calculations 

- Financial modeling or different capacity small scale PV plants 

- Power plant capacity optimization

Grid connection study analysis for 50 MW wind farm to National Grid of Kazakhstan 

- Creation of the latest National Grid for the specific region 

- Creation several study cases for maximum loadings and different levels of generation 

- Contingency analysis 

- Transfer capacity analysis 

Storage integration studies on South Kazakhstan grid in ETAP 

- Creation of the latest South Kazakhstan grid 

- Load flow and transient stability calculations 

- Several study cases and scaling calculations