Grid connection scheme includes: 

- justification of the most suitable option

- load flow and dynamic stability calculations based on proposed option  

- drawings and schemes  

- other sections of grid connection scheme according to power system rules  

- as a result of Grid connection scheme receiving technical conditions for grid connection 

Feasibility study is an integral part of the design of a power plant. The feasibility study of the project consists of (SP RK 1.02-21-2007)::

- General section 

- Marketing analysis

- Technical and construction solutions 

- Technical solutions on grid connection  

- Energy saving 

- Social section 

- Institutional section 

- Financial-economical section

- Technical-economical indicators

- Construction schedule 

Wind measurement campaign consists of: 

- supply and installation of met mast according to IEC 61400-12-1 

- Safe collection of data

- Analytical report based on wind measurement data

- Annual energy production calculations and optimal layout calculations in WindPro 

Technical Due Diligence is needed during share purchase process. Due diligence includes: 

- due diligence of project documentation and permits 

- evalution of project risks

- risks mitigation plan

- recommendations 

Pre-feasibility and feasibility study

Technical Due Diligence

Grid connection scheme development

Wind measurement